Information about Visa

Visas are required for Mozambicans and all other foreign passport holders, to travel to Madagascar.

In line with the Malagasy government strategy to turn Madagascar into a World-class tourism and business destination, our process of issuing a visa is quite simple and fast.

Visa Requirements (for a visit not exceeding 3 months)

-Valid passport
– Two Passport photographs
-A completed application form ( download the form at the botom of this page). Delays may occur if all questions are not answered
-Copy of round-trip ticket or itinerary
-Visa fee is absolutely non-refundable.N.B. Visa Fee may change without prior notice

Processing time

One working day.


*Visa fee Valid for stay up to Three (03) months = USD.80,00 or equivalent in Meticais (Single-multiple entry).

N.B. Visa fee modification date on December 15,2008
*A Transformable Visa is a one month visa that allows the holder, once in Madagascar, to apply for a long term visa.
Understanding that no Malagasy Embassy/Consulate has the authority to issue a long term visa.
*Required documents for a transformable visa:
*1. Letter requesting a transformable visa from your Company,
*2. Employment contract issued by the Company that will employ you in Madagascar and stamped by the concerned ministry,
*3. Work Permit issued by Ministry of Work and Social Law at Antananarivo,
*4. Passport (photocopy + original)
*5. Two (02) Passport sized photos
*6. Employment certificate from your Company
*7. Police Clearence or Good Conduct issued in less than three months by the Authority of your country of residence
*8. Reference letter
*9. Open two ways tickets, other documents may be required by Authority


Fees and Requirements are the same as for TOURISM, plus the following:

Research authorization issued by the Ministere de la Recherche Scientifique (Ministry of Scientific Research or by the Ministere de l’Enseignement Superieur (Ministry of Higher Education) as below:

Ministry of Scientific Research
Tel: 261 2022 286 94
Fax: 261 2022 631 46

Ministry of Higher Education:
Tel: 261 2022 211 09
Fax: 261 2022 238 97


Fees and Requirements are the same as for TOURISM, plus the following:

Information about the vessel to be presented upon entry to the Port Authorities:
* point of departure
* itinerary
* crew and passengers
* port of call authorization issued by nearest offfice of Service de la Marine Marchande
* date of entry in and exit from Malagasy territorial waters


List of passengers and crew members submitted by the Ship’s Captain and including:
* nationality
* passport number and date of issue


Fees and Requirements are the same as for TOURISM, plus the following:
Authorization issued by the Ministry of Information, Culture and Communication (Ministre de l’Information,Culture et de la Communication).
Ministry of Information, Culture and Communication:
Tel: +261 2022 274 77
Fax: +261 2022 294 48

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